Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) Consultancy Services
STM, in the scope of Consultancy Services in accordance with the reason of its establishment, provides consultancy and technical support to Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) since 1991.

Within the scope of project contract, required personnel has been assigned to provide the following consultancy services for all procurement projects as well as Industrialization, R&D and Logistic activities being performed by all departments of SSB: 

  • Project Consultancy,
  • Quality,
  • Qualification / Test.

Consultancy Services are provided from the beginning of Project Identification Document (PID) till the end of the project covering Pre and Post Contract phases. 

Consultants perform duties with regard to; feasibility studies, preparation of information request forms and Request for Proposals (RFP), evaluating RFP responses, determining the project model, definition of system concept, identification of technical requirements and specifications, drawing up of project contracts (Statement of Work, Technical Specifications, etc.), contract negotiations, determining and reviewing system requirements, consultancy for maintenance activities, assessment of quality activities, evaluation and participation to verification/validation activities, evaluation of testability of requirements, reviewing the technical documentation, etc.

National Fighter Aircraft (TF-X) Development Project Consultancy Services 
National Fighter Aircraft (TF-X) Development Project Consultancy Services contract has been signed with Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) on September 2015 to provide consultancy and technical support within SSB Program Management Office, along with the Preliminary Design Phase of the TF-X Development Project. With the project, consultancy and technical support on TF-X Project Management activities, identification of technology and manufacturing readiness levels of national industry, determination of technological investment requirements, acquisition of goods and services from third parties on design, test, infrastructure and project management activities are provided.

Link 16 Interoperability Project
Upon the Contract signed with Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) on February 2009, the project aimed mainly to maximize the interoperability level through Link 16 capabilities to be obtained by Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) platforms in national and international level. Within the scope of the project, Link 16 capability of 15 different C2 and Non-C2 TAF platforms, mainly air and surface platforms, has been determined with interoperability perspective. 

To identify the interoperability problems between different platforms and to make corrections to these problems, two Synthetic Ground Interoperability Test Environment, one of them is at Ahlatlıbel Air Radar Base of Turkish Air Force and other is at STM Link 16 Interoperability Project Office, have been installed and operated. In the project scope, additionally, Link 16 Interoperability Software Database Tool has been installed to conduct interoperability analyses and prepare Link 16 documentation. 

Along with the project, STM has gained deep experience and improved its capabilities on Link-16 network design, terminal initialization and test, simulation, data record, on-line and off-line message analysis. STM Link 16 team has provided Tactical Data Link trainings to TAF and SSB personnel for 5 year. Additionally, consultancy and technical support have been provided for all of the Tactical Data Link projects of SSB/TAF. 

NATO SACT TACTICS Consultancy Services
STM is working in the team for the Integrated Capabilities Support (TACTICS) Project of NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT). The project main contractor is Booz Allen Hamilton, and subcontractor team includes STM, Airbus, DOTMLPFI, Phoenix Group, Purvis Systems, SAIC and JLMA companies.

Engineering Consultancy Project for United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Upon the Engineering Consultancy Project Contract signed with ADASI, UAE government company, in 2010, engineering and consultancy services are provided to ADASI through qualified STM Senior Engineers.

The project, as STM's first international consultancy project, is the first qualified service export of Turkish Defence Industry. STM, with this project, has taken the first step towards becoming a technology-oriented consulting company that can compete at international arena.

Defence and Aviation Industry Clustering
Upon the Contract signed with Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) on June 2011, consultancy services have been provided to SSB in order to establish a Defence and Aerospace Cluster which is nominated to be one of the major aerospace production centers of the world in Ankara/Turkey.

It is aimed to bring aerospace system integrators and SMEs together in the region and create an optimal production environment based on advanced technologies which will be developed by qualified and highly skilled labor force. With the project, Kazan Specialized Organized Industrial Zone of Aerospace has been established in a neighboring area to TUSAŞ / TAI Plants.

Strategical Decision Support Systems
STM, based on its strategic vision of being a technical "Think Tank" organization, is working in the field of Decision Support Systems for the various business areas it is operating. Within this scope, cooperating  with the qualified research institutions, academicians and consulting firms, based on the developed models Strategical Analyses are generated.

Industrial Market Analyses
STM, based on its strategic vision of being a technical "Think Tank" organization, organizes panel discussions and conferences, conducts detailed investigation and analysis studies by publishing industrial market analysis reports.