Contract for construction of Fleet Tanker (Logistic Support Ship) for operational requirement of Pakistan Navy was signed between Ministry of Defence Production, Pakistan and STM A.Ş. of Turkey on January 22nd, 2013.

STM A.Ş. as the prime contractor of PNFT Project, is responsible from provision of design data package and kit of material, which consists of systems, material, and equipment for construction and outfitting. Construction of Fleet Tanker is to be undertaken in Karachi Shipyard (KS&EW).

Additionally STM provides the following:

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) package, spare parts,

Operator and maintenance training for the shipyard personnel and the user training,

Technical Support to Karachi Shipyard during the building and outfitting of the Ship.

Fleet Replenishment Ship is designed as per operational requirements of Pakistan Navy for provisioning of logistics support (replenishment at sea) to Pakistan Navy ships in terms of dry and liquid cargo both during peace and war in accordance with classification society rules. The ship is 15.600 tons, 155 meters and has max speed of 20 kts with 2 main diesel engines and CPP propulsion system.

On 31 March 2018, Fleet Tanker has completed its first sea trial in Arabian Sea (Sea of Oman) with plausible results expected from a first sea trip. In the next phase of the project, Sea Trials of PNFT will be undertaken.