Within the scope of University-Industry cooperation programs, R&D activities are being conducted in cooperation with STM and Bahcesehir University (BAU). Within this framework, STM and BAU have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Addressing the needs of necessities of military naval platforms by using innovative technologies have mainly underpinned R&D activities.

STM and BAU have signed a Contract as part of the first R&D activity; Technology Acquisition Obligation Project regarding “Secured optical telecommunication system between Submarine – Helicopter”, conducted by, Presidency of Defence Industries in 2012. By means of the consultancy STM has provided; the Project has resulted in great success within 3 years earlier than planned, at allocated  budget and over the aimed performance.

After the first Project finalized as per the signed Contract between STM and BAU, technical consultancy and field expertiese has been provided by STM regarding the design and manufacturing of other prototype systems in the field of optical communication at surface and underwater.

Systems designed and manufactured as prototypes for surface & underwater Secure Optical Communication are as follows;

a.  Optical Communication Systems between Divers / Underwater demolition teams and Submarines

b.    Optical Communication Systems  between surface combatants.

c.   Underwater Lighting System for hull examination at the port without the need of dry docking.