In the defense world of today, the need for jointly planning and managing acquisition and logistics emerges. STM continues its activities in order to meet defense acquisition requirements cost-effectively, create and manage the supply chain efficiently and to establish and manage an effective logistics infrastructure.

STM has been performing acquisition activities including test, trial, leasing and purchasing since 2007, in order to fulfill Turkish Armed Forces’ needs for homeland security operations, through direct acquisition in the shortest timeframe, by adding engineering value to requirements evaluation phase beginning from the acquisition determination, throughout past experience and product knowledge, in line with its neutral but government controlled consultant role out of competition, the effective specialization and widespread sector know-how.

In lifecycle management, a need for analysis, planning and modeling in acquisition authorities arises, while the manufacturers’ responsibilities in indigenous system projects increase. STM is developing

technical expertise and establishing an effective infrastructure for the planning and support of defense acquisitions’ logistics phase, by planning technology transfers and studying required models. Furthermore, in line with national strategic goals and sector needs, STM performs activities in central planning and establishment of national test capabilities, management of test and verification infrastructure and the sustainment of critical infrastructure such as maintenance centers, shipyards, etc.


  •  Acquisition Services
  •  Logistics Consultancy and Support Services


  •  Homeland Security Project
  •  Surveillance Air Vehicle Leasing Project
  •  Vertical Wind Tunnel Auxiliary Power Supply Project
  •  Vertical Wind Tunnel Maintenance, Repair And Sustainment Project


  •  Supply Chain Management
  •  Logistics Life Cycle Planning and Management
  •  Performance Based Logistics
  •  Public Private Partnerships
  •  Test Center Management
  •  Critical Infrastructures Sustainment Planning and Management