Urban Security and Smart City Applications

STM with its unique and innovative perspective is expanding its knowhow and experience to urban security and smart city applications with its small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Systems primarily for:

  • City Traffic Information and Management
  • Highway Traffic Monitoring
  • Roads Surface Condition Monitoring
  • Railway Security and Train Crashes Monitoring
  • Forest Fire Fighting and Damage Assessment in the Aftermath of Forest Fires
  • Crowd Monitoring
  • Power Line Monitoring
  • Dam Monitoring
  • Oil and Gas Asset Monitoring

STM is a solution provider in these fields with its capabilities in design, development and commercialization of small unmanned systems and focuses on delivering turnkey capabilities that support the most urgent requirements of customers in public and private companies.

Our solutions listed but not limited are as follows:

  • Automated Moving-Object Dynamic Detection Applications      
  • Object Tracking Applications
  • Statistical Profile Generation Applications
  • Vision Based Control Applications
  • Complex Data Processing Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications
  • Command Control and Communications Applications