Command Control Information & IT Systems


  • Strategic and Operational Level Air Command Control Information Systems
  • Tactical Field Command Control Information Systems
  • Missile and Air Defense Information Systems
  • Information Systems and IT Solutions
  • Information Systems Integration Solutions
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Communication Message Formatting Solutions
  • Web, Desktop and Mobile IT Solutions

Some Reference Projects

  • ALTAY Turkish Main Battle Tank Command Control Communication Information System
  • Leopard-1T Tank and Advanced Armored Personnel Carrier Command Control Information System
  • NATO AirC2IS Strategic Level Air Command Control Information Services
  • NATO Afghanistan Mission Network (AMN) Integration Core
  • NATO ADatP-3 Computer based Training System
  • Turkish Information and Communication Technologies Authority Market Surveillance System for the ICT Sector
  • GÖKTÜRK Turkish Earth Observation Satellite ILS and Test Engineering Services
  • Warship Decision Support System
  • Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System
  • Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) Information System 
  • European Union 7th Framework TALOS Project
  • Tactical Environment Support System