Mission Support Systems
STM offers indigenous operational and tactical solutions for all types of airborne platforms which acquired through military and civil aviation projects over 15 years. We have extensive expertise in aviation, mission management and support systems.

Military Aviation Capabilities

  • Mission planning, monitoring and performance analysis for different platforms
  • Flight planning and analysis
  • Mission data preparation, upload and download
  • Mission briefing and debriefing
  • Digital moving map
  • 2D/3D visualization
  • Tactical drawings and military symbology display
  • Geographic Information System capabilities and geographic analysis
  • Database Management
  • Navigation databases
  • Desktop and portable planning systems

Civil Aviation Capabilities

  • Operational process management systems
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) capabilities
  • Aeronautical chart generation and management
  • Cabin information management applications
  • Cockpit-Cabin-OCC process integration
  • Operational situation awareness applications
  • iOS and Windows based solutions


  • DO-178B, DO-200A, DO-257A, MIL-STD-6017A, ARINC 424, MILSTD-2525B, MT76-1A, DAFIF,

Some Reference Projects

  • ATAK (T-129), Gendarmerie and Turkish Special Forces Helicopters Digital Moving Map and Mission Planning Systems
  • C-130 Aircraft Mission Planning Ground System
  • TIHA Turkish Unmanned Air Vehicle Mission Planning Software
  • Turkish Airlines OpsEye ¬†Airplane Ground Surveillance System
  • Turkish Airlines OpsMet Meteorological Analysis System
  • Atlasjet Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) System