Providing STM with resources of qualified people who are fit for the culture and values of our company means boosting the motivation and devotion of employees by investing in their development, promoting sustainable high performance and developing systems that help us achieve our corporate aims and goals.

In this scope, our STM Human Resources Policy is as follows:

  • Meeting company needs by having access to a resource of people qualified to help achieve company goals.
  • Forming and developing the infrastructure for procurement, training, career management, payment and reward systems.
  • Supporting and motivating the employees in order to help them increase their contributions to the operation processes and outputs of the company.
  • Investing in the professional and personal development of our employees in order to create a medium of continuous learning and improvement.
  • Increasing and sustaining the devotion of our employees to STM with an open and transparent management approach by providing a working space and atmosphere that best fit their needs.
  • Becoming a preferred employer brand by enhancing the communication between the company and human resources that are customer oriented, highly motivated, able to adapt to change and capable of leading.

Our Capabilities:

  • Customer Orientation: Our customers and their needs are the main focus of our every operation; we develop and protect prospective customer relationships.
  • Creating Confidence: We work in ways that create confidence towards ourselves and the organization.
  • Communication: We convey information and ideas openly and clearly to individuals or groups in different settings and communicate in a way that directs others' ideas and actions, in a focused manner and by evoking interest.
  • Continuous Development and Learning: We take action to develop the current situation and processes, determine opportunities for improvement, apply solutions and use appropriate methods to measure the effects of these solutions.
  • Adapting to Change and Leadership: We seek different and innovative approaches to create added value and encourage others to do the same.
  • Quality and Result Orientation: We perform the predetermined procedures correctly and carefully throughout an operation; guarantee high-quality outputs and take action against quality issues.