STM shares its experience in submarine technologies at UDT 2018 – an important event for the underwater defense and security sector.

The Undersea Defense Technology (UDT-2018) exhibition and conference, which is one of the most important events for those engaged in the undersea defense and security sector, took place in Glasgow, Scotland on June 26–28, 2018.

In the event’s 31st year, focus was on the question “Is an evolution or revolution being driven under the water?”, with the latest technological developments discussed by professionals from the military, industrial and academic fields. STM shared its experience in undersea technologies at the UDT’18 Seminar with a presentation entitled "Questioning the Need for Diesel Generators Considering the Developing Battery Technologies".
About the Presentation 
At the UDT’18 Seminar, our presentation "Questioning the Need for Diesel Generators Considering the Developing Battery Technologies" discussed whether diesel generators were still necessary aboard conventional submarines, considering the level of development in battery technologies. The presentation highlighted and compared the characteristics of each technological field, while putting forward some advantages and disadvantages of each approach by a theoretical transformation by elimination of batteries, generators and its auxiliaries of a modern conventional submarine and the integration of high-capacity batteries. To this end, comparisons were made of the characteristics and approximate cost differences (including different battery technologies) of a theoretical e-submarine.
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