STM ThinkTech adopts a role-based Business Wargaming simulation method for the development of a competitive Blockchain strategy

The STM ThinkTech Teknolojik Düşünce Merkezi (Technological Think Tank), continues to raise its levels of competence and increase its capabilities thanks to a training program given by Dr. Benjamin Gilad (Academy of Competitive Intelligence), the developer of the December 2017 "Business Wargaming" method. The STM ThinkTech adopted this approach on June 26, 2018 with the aim of developing a competitive Blockchain strategy. As a role-based simulation method that allows its users to create, test or develop strategic early warning systems to counter the possible reactions of competitors, Business Wargaming is described as a simulation tool in which the participant can play the roles they have taken on. Developing skills and creating new applications in this area, STM ThinkTech will soon begin providing services to Turkish institutions and organizations through this approach.