Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
Paperless Integration of Cockpit and OCC


  • Portable Type B Electronic Flight Bag solution
  • User friendly, standardized application for all aircraft types
  • Elimination of paper printing, handling and storage costs
  • Efficient usage in all phases of flight
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface for pilots
  • Multipoint touchscreen compatible design

Digital Map

  • Digital Moving Map with dynamic ownship position
  • Display Flight Plan & Waypoints on digital map
  • Detailed flight data display on map
  • Flight planning management on map

Flexible Integration to Corporate Operation Management Systems

  • Intelligent operational flight plan processing & EFB data packaging
  • Easy user management
  • Airline structure based document management
  • SOA based corporate system integration

Flight Data Management

  • Online & Offline data retrieval
  • Advanced PDF viewer
  • Display Aeronautical Charts
  • Dynamic chart split infrastructure
  • Enhanced search and filtering capabilities
  • Performance Calculations

Performance calculations integrated with Airline processes;

  • Weight & Balance calculation with optimized load distribution
  • Take-off and landing performance calculation & related database

Aircraft Avionics Integration

  • Integration to aircraft Flight Management System over ARINC 429 data bus
  • Read & Display Position, Fuel & Time information from aircraft FMS
  • Automatic update of flight plan with dynamic FMS data

Pre and Post-Flight Process Assistance to Pilots on EFB

  • e-Sign Operational Flight Plan
  • Dynamic e-Log generation (by Ground Station form builder)
  • Flight and maintenance logbook integrated with technical logbook
  • Post flight data packaging and archiving

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