Fixed-Wing Autonomous Attack UAV

ALPAGU BLOK II is a fixed-wing attack UAV solution engineered for anti-terror and asymmetric warfare scenarios which can be deployed and operated bby a single personnel.

ALPAGU BLOK II facilitates its autonomy through sophisticated computes vision and deep learnig algorithms such as tracking detection and classification of static/moving targets.

The system is comprised of the "fixed-wing attack UAV", "launcher" and "ground control station". ALPAGU BLOK II can be launched both from a pneumatic portable single-launcher and from a multi-launcher while offering cooridnated operation capability at the battlefield with basic level of swarm intelligence ingenuity.


- Reliable day & night operation
- Autonomous and precise hit
- Joint autonomous tracking, streeing & hit
- High performance autonomous dispatch and operation algorithms
- Deployable and operable by single personnel
- In-Flight mission abort and emergency self-destruction
- Platform-tailored, advanced electronic ammunition safety, setup and trigger systems
- Inventive national hardware and embedded software
- Embedded and real-time object tracking, detection and classification.