DAR (Through The Wall Radar) is a through the wall imaging system developed by STM Savunma Teknolojileri Müh.ve Tic. A.S. The system utilizes Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio frequency signals to detect living beings beyond walls, obstacles and etc. In addition to detection of living beings, DAR also provides estimated location of the targets in two-dimentional form. 
DAR system is designed to be man-portable, providing operators to deploy the system rapidly. The system can be used by one personnel, as well as with a tripod system. When deployed on a stabilizer, the system can be remotely controlled through a tablet platform. 
DAR can be deployed for counter-terrorism, internal security and hostage rescue operations as well as civillian purposes such as fire and other natural / non natural incidents.  
The system is capable of providing positional information for both static and moving targets beyond walls and other types of obstacles.
Key features:
Modular, lightweight design.
Remote control capability.
Higher distance resolution.
High penetration rates through various types of obstacles.
Macro and micro level motion sensitivity.
Low power consumption and built-in-battery.
Estimation of moving or static target locations.