Delivered in partnership with TEMSA and STM in Smart Vehicles, Big Data Analytics, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber ​​Security areas, Fleetics provides real time data processing on the data gathered from the sensors that are genareted in vehicles and visualization of the analysis results on the processed data by using data science and big data technologies.

Big Data + Smart Analytics = Fleetics

The architecture of Fleetics consists of many challenging approaches which are artificial intelligence, big data analytics and optimization algorithms to present smart solution in transportation area.

Our product is offered as a commercial product to in both Turkey and World companies suchs as car, train, ship manufacturers or fleet owners or insurance compaines or public institutions or all vehicle drivers.

- Instanct vehicle tracking.

- Monitoring health state by investigating collected data from hundreds of sensors.

- Provides user friendly and easy access to defined monitoring rules by users.

- Granular and rich data visualization by using Big data technologies.

- Learning and modeling drivers behaviour with collected data.

- Efficient fuel consumption.

- Persists and stores all collected data in centrealized warehouse and provides access to archived data.

- Acts as a transparent interface between manufacturers and owners that leads to improve post sale activities.

- Predicts mandatory maintenance requirement by continuous vehicle health monitoring and increase efficiency by planning maintenance in optimum time.

- The best insurance contract by sharing collected data.

- Route optimization through analysis of geographic data.

- Remote software update.

- Preventive maintenance services.