GIS Based Contract Management System

STM GIS Based Contract Management System is a web-based software package designed specially for public institutions.  It is aimed at enabling management of the contracts of projects through the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capabilities and to supply information to decision makers. This is not only with regard to goods and service purchases, but also during the different phases in projects of varying scope, the contracts for which have been drawn up at national, regional, local and corporate levels in different geographic regions of the world. 

STM GIS Based Contract Management System can also enable users to access to update details of all stages of an ongoing public project contract (especially regarding construction, infrastructure projects) which is subject to the Turkish Public Procurement Contracts Law number 4735. STM GIS Based Contract Management System employs a centralized automation mechanism supported by Geographical Information Systems (GIS) capabilities in order for rapid access to various segments of the contracted projects which are scattered over different geographical locations. STM GIS Based Contract Management System enables users to follow up and manage contract processes rapidly and accurately without losing time by providing integrated GIS supported access to different project categories. STM GIS Based Contract Management System can also enables users to manage pre-contract processes such as approximate costs, unit price determination, tender preparation processes.

General Capabilities

  • Tracking and management of  the internal and external activities required by the project contract (administrative, financial, technical, etc.), including activities to be carried out by the subcontractors that are also  stakeholders to the contract,
  • Tracking of the general construction layouts and levels of progresses achieved in each geographical location  using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) capabilities,
  • Preparation of the administrative documentation   for the contract execution,
  • Development of control and warning mechanisms to manage the system and prevent potential user-based data entry errors,
  • Execution of automated data exchange with existing information systems (internal and external; i.e. Mernis, SGK, Mersis, Vedop, etc.),
  • Providing on-site and/or remote access for the employer, contractor and consultant personnel, based on their permitted authorization levels.
  • Ensuring the transfer and entry of existing data into the system.
  • Automatic calculation of payments and preparation of expenditure documents in terms of the contracted project.

Technical Features

  • Web-Based Distributed System
    • New Generation Web-Based Software Development Technologies - HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, C#
  • 2D/3D Web-Based GIS Solution and interactive map capabilities
  • Flexible and easily administered Business Process Management
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  •  Scalable system with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    • Loosely Coupled Service-Oriented Architecture
    • Integration with the required Web-Service Based External System (e-Devlet, etc.)
  • E-Signature Integration