STM ITSEF Laboratory provides Independent Testing and Evaluation Service. STM ITSEF Laboratory services are accredited by TSE and TÜRKAK (ISO 17025) and are subject to inspection by these institutions.

The main function of the STM ITSEF Laboratory is to make Common Criteria Assessments for IT products. Currently only software products are evaluated.

TSE is the only institution authorized to provide Common Criteria certificate and only licensed laboratories by TSE can test and evaluate Common Criteria process. STM ITSEF Laboratory is among the laboratories licensed by TSE.

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Possible Benefits with STM ITSEF Laboratory

  • Recognition of your products in many countries around the world
  • Increasing the brand value of your products in domestic and foreign market
  • Methodologic certainty on production
  • Potential vulnerability analysis of your products and their treatment
  • Discipline on security control of your production line
  • Mature technical documentation on user, installation and maintenance manuals
  • Products in accordance with globally accepted test methodologies
  • Products constructed with secure architectural structure
  • Products approved by independent establishment
  • Verified product release structure and approved version specific products
  • Products in accordance with corporate policy and user requirements
  • Product specific defined secure working environment

Evaluation | Certification Process

The evaluation process starts with the application of the sponsor firm to our laboratory on behalf of the product developer and / or product developer.


The evaluation process consists of six main steps.

  • ADV: Development
  • ALC: Life-Cycle Support
  • AGD: Guidance Documents
  • ATE: Tests
  • AVA: Vulnerability Assessment

During the evaluation process carried out by our laboratory, the TSE is in the approval authority, and the certification processes of the products that are concluded as positive are provided by TSE.

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Address: Mustafa Kemal 2151. Street No:3/A Çankaya/ANKARA