Autonomous RotaryWing Attack Drone

KARGU™ is a rotary wing attack drone that can be deployed and operated by a single personnel in both autonomous and manual modes. The system is engineered specif ically for anti-terror and asymmetric warfare scenarios.KARGU™ can rapidly and effectively respond against stationary or mobile targets (i.e. vehicle, person etc.) through facilitating its embedded real-time image processing capabilities and machine learning algorithms. The system is comprised of the Rotary Wing Attack Drone and Ground Control Unit.


-Reliable day & night operation
-Autonomous and precise hit with minimal collateral damage
-Multiple warhead configurations
-Joint autonomous tracking, steering & hit
-High performance autonomous dispatch and operation algorithms
-Deployable and operable by single personnel
-In-flight mission abort and emergency self-destruction
-Platform-tailored, advanced electronic ammunition safety, setup and trigger systems
-Detonation of warhead at desired altitude
-Ability to manually operate through computer vision
-Embedded and real-time object tracking, detection and classification
-On-field warhead load• 10x optical zoom
-2-axis stabilized gimbal
-User-friendly Ground Control Unit interface.