Air & Ground Surveillance System with Real Time Aircraft and Vehicle Traffic Tracking
OpsEye, is an apron area ground surveillance system that helps flight operations crew and makes contribution to all decision making processes in tactical operations. The system provides instant information about airplanes’ door closing, push-back, approaching, location setting and etc. and can be easily integrated into airlines’ internal operational systems.

OpsEye Capabilities
•    Direct contribution to the operational decision support processes
•    Enhanced record, replay, filter and report capability
•    Support flight operation with preventive alerts
•    Effective assistance in Distruption Management
•    High performance web based solution for real-time tracking
•    Integrated with Airline Operational Systems

OpsEye Security
•    OpsEye system uses only registered data coming from registered ADS-B antennas and airlines’ operational systems.
•    The system operates in a closed network environment that all nodes, servers and clients are in the same VPN.
•    Unlike other third party flight tracking applications, OpsEye collects data only from assigned and dedicated sources.
•    Server-client communication infrastructure in OpsEye is based on Secure HTTP protocol.
•    The system can provide input for future A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System) solutions.

OpsEye Modularity and Extendability
•    High-end web-based technologies like HTML5, Javascript, Storm, Node.js are used in OpsEye development phase.
•    The system has integrations with airlines’ operational systems and data coming from these systems are also correlated with ADS-B data and an integrated display and tracking system is provided to the clients.
•    The system will cover all Turkish & European airspace with highly accurate and near real time ground and air traffic tracking capabilities in few months.
•    Next phase of OpsEye is a flight watch system to track instant air and ground traffic all over the World.

OpsEye in Media

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