OpsMet™ is a web based meteorological analysis application for airlines based on a unique, dedicated database generated from long time historical METAR, TAF and SPECI reports of airports (about 20 years).

OpsMet Capabilities

  • OpsMet™ provides a wide variety of graphical and formatted reports to users based on various parameters and historical weather data.
  • Users are able to get some predefined reports such as event queries, prevailing wind, wind component and etc. by using OpsMet™.
  • OpsMet™ database is updated automatically with daily METAR, TAF and SPECI reports.

OpsMet Area of Usage

  • Determining appropriate tariff days and hours
  • Provision of appropriate crew assignment
  • Improving the number of passengers carried
  • Presentation of accurate airfield weather forecasts
  • Decision-support in flight planning process
  • Determining requirements for facilities and maintenance equipment

OpsMet Security

  • OpsMet™ system uses only registered data coming from registered weather data providers.
  • The system operates in a closed network environment that all nodes, servers and clients are in the same VPN.
  • Server-client communication infrastructure in OpsMet™ is based on Secure HTTP protocol. 

OpsMet Modularity and Extendability

  • High-end web-based technologies like HTML5, Javascript, Storm, Node.js are used in OpsMet™ development phase.
  • OpsMet™ database includes 700+ airport’s METAR, TAF and SPECI historical data. Requested airport weather data can be easily imported in OpsMet™ database.
  • The system can be integrated with other operational support systems such as flight planning or crew assignment, to plan and operate flight operations with more accurate and processed weather data.