Tactical Field Command Control Information System (TANKOM)

TANKOM provides seamless command control functionalities based on authorization to be used by all levels of mounted and dismounted maneuver forces from a single tank/vehicle/ soldier to battalion level. TANKOM has been developed for ALTAY Turkish Main Battle Tank, Leopard-1T tanks, and Advanced Armored Personnel Carriers.

Comprehensive Features

Throughout the mission cycle including before mission, execution, and mission de-briefing phases of the operation, TANKOM provides operation planning, execution, control and monitoring functionalities, common tactical picture for situational awareness and decision-making tools to the maneuver units. TANKOM is developed nationally, in line with the requirements of the Turkish Land Forces Command. Modular architecture and expendable design of the TANKOM, enables fast customization for various platforms with new or existing capabilities.

  • Tracking of common Tactical Situation Information of friend, hostile, neutral and unknown units at near real time over digital maps
  • Scalable from one tank/vehicle/soldier to battalion
  • Mission / Operation Planning
  • Mission Rehearsal, Briefing and Debriefing
  • Integrated VMF messaging complied with MIL-STD-6017
  • Own Geographical Information System (GIS) implementation
  • Analyses (Profile Analysis, Line of Sight Analysis, Weapon Coverage Analysis, Threat Warning Analysis, Route Analysis)
  • Mapping data support for TIFF, SHP, VPF, CADRG, VMAP, DT
  • Support for JC3IEDM (Joint Consultation, Command and Control Information Exchange Data Model)
  • ADOP integration
  • Enhanced Man-Machine Interface
  • Overlay editor
  • Extensive route editor and database
  • MS 76-2, APP-6 and MIL-STD-2525B standards support for symbology
  • Integration with other sub-systems on tank/vehicle such as Fire-Control System, Navigation systems (GPS/INS), Platform Data Systems, BTID, LRF, CBRN Detection Kit, Laser Warning System, Radios, Intercommunication Systems etc.