Autonomous Rotary Wing Reconnaissance UAV System

TOGAN™ is a national multi-rotor rotary wing UAV solution engineered for general-purpose reconnaissance and surveillance missions with original mission planning software, autonomous intelligence, and operational capabilities. It can be controlled autonomously or via remote control, and be deployed and operated by a single personnel. TOGAN™ can be effectively used against stationary or mobile targets through its embedded real-time image processing capabilities and deep learning algorithms. The system is comprised of the rotary wing UAV and ground control components.


- Reliable day and night operation
- Ability to track moving objects
- Concurrent operation and mission swap with secondary TOGAN
- High performance autonomous dispatch and control algorithms
- Original national embedded hardware and software
- Image processing-based control applications
- Embedded and real-time object tracking, detection and classification
- Deployable and operable by single personnel
- 30x optical zoom
- 3 axis stabilized original POD