Standoff Through the Wall Radar (UHTES) is a through the wall imaging system that utilizes Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radio frequency signals to detect living beings beyond walls, obstacles and etc. from safer distances. 
UHTES’ unique design allows the system to be mounted on Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles, Mine Resistant Ambush Protection Vehicles and Armored Personnel Carriers. Thanks to its long range detection and penetration ability, UHTES provides a unique capability that estimates locations of living beings hidden indoors, from long distances where approaching target areas are precarious.
UHTES is designed to be deployed for counter terrorism operations, hostage rescue scenarios and border security applications as well as for civilian purposes such as fire incidents and other types of rescue operations. 
Key Features:
Standoff, long range target detection
Integration to Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles, MRAPs and APCs
Steerable antenna system (in azimuth and elevation)
High range resolution
High penetration performance for different types of walls and obstacles
Macro and micro motion sensitivity
Built-in battery system with capability to be integrated to vehicle power supply
Moving and static target detection
Built-in Test (BIT) capability
Protection against jamming
Warning system for metal-shielded obstacles / walls
Capability to estimate ranges to obstacles
Mission log record and playback functionality