BOYGA, Türkiye's Ammunition Drop UAV, Exported for the First Time

09.07 2024

The ammunition-dropping UAV BOYGA, which has been developed by the Turkish defence industry company STM with national resources and is playing an active role in the fight against terrorism, has been exported for the first time.

STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. – a developer of national and innovative systems within the Turkish defence sector – has achieved another major export success in the field of tactical mini UAVs, further cementing its pioneering position in Türkiye.

BOYGA, Autonomous Multi-Rotor Combat UAS with Mortar Payload, has been developed by STM engineers with national resources, and has achieved its first export success. The contract for the first export of BOYGA has been concluded with an unnamed African country, and deliveries are scheduled for completion in 2024.

Since being added to the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in 2022, BOYGA has been actively involved in the fight against terrorism, cross-border operations and international exercises, most recently, the EFES-2024 Exercise, during which it hit the designated targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Güleryüz: All Members of Our Mini UAV Family have Achieved Export Success

Özgür Güleryüz, General Manager of STM, stated that the Tactical Mini UAV family, developed by STM with advanced engineering capabilities to cater for the needs of the Turkish Army, is also playing pioneering roles in the international arena:

“We added KARGU, our rotary wing loitering munition system (attack UAV) to the inventory of TAF in 2018, and we have since exported it to more than 10 countries to date. Then, two years ago, we put TOGAN into the service of our Army as the reconnaissance member of our UAV family, and subsequently exported it to two African countries. Most recently, in 2023 we concluded a contract for the first export of ALPAGU, our fixed-wing  loitering munition system (strike UAV). In the wake of all these achievements, we have entered into a contract for the first international sale of BOYGA to an African country, thus achieving significant success in exporting all members of our tactical mini UAV family, which we have developed and which have proven themselves successfully in the field. We are also in talks for further exports of our UAVs, which are proving to be surprisingly effective in the field, and have increased our production capacity in the field of mini UAVs to meet the demands of our army and friendly and allied nations.”

"BOYGA Provides Advantages in the Field with its Unique Software and Special Ammunition"

Commenting on the features of BOYGA, Güleryüz said: "The Ukraine-Russia war has once again shown how these drones and ammunition-dropping UAVs are a game-changer in the field. BOYGA provides users with significant advantages in the field, making use of its indigenous software, its specially developed ammunition and its prediction algorithm. BOYGA can hit targets with full precision from high altitudes, making it difficult to be detected by the enemy."

With BOYGA in the Sky, No Rest for the Enemy 

BOYGA, the newest member of STM’s tactical mini UAV product family, is able to deploy its customised 81 mm mortar ammunition with full accuracy thanks to its advanced ballistic estimation algorithm. BOYGA can be used effectively in counter-terrorism and asymmetric warfare settings, and has a 30-minute airtime while laden with mortar ammunition. The BOYGA platform can reach altitudes of 3,000 meters (MSL) and has a mission range from 6.5 km to 10 km, while its 17 kg weight allows it to be transported by a single operator. The integration of the ammunition system has been carried out in collaboration with MKE.

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About STM

STM has been serving the Turkish defence sector for over a quarter of a century in such areas as engineering, technology and consultancy, working in fields that are critical for Türkiye and its allies. It applies its advanced capabilities and technologies to a broad range of strategic fields, ranging from naval platforms to tactical mini-UAV systems, from satellite works to cybersecurity, and from big data analytics to artificial intelligence applications.

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