Our Policies

Our Quality Policy

Meeting the needs of our customers with competitive, reliable, innovative and sustainable technological solutions at domestic and abroad, by fulfilling all applicable requirements through the continual improvement of our Quality Management System.


Our Information Security Policy

As a company that produces information, ensuring information security is our vital priority. With this awareness, we have implemented an infrastructure that fully meets the requirements of TS ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System within the scope of STM Ankara Central Campus activities.

With the information security management system we have commissioned, our primarypurposes in line with our company's vision and mission are:

  • To ensure the security of the information we have, taking into account the security sensitivity of the defence industry in which we are a Global player;
  • To establish, operate and maintain an information security infrastructure of high standards;
  • To ensure information security about the projects that we are conducting, due to the criticality of the projects we carry out;
  • To ensure confidentiality, integrity and continuity in all the services we offer in order to maintain our activities safely.


We apply the risk management approach in information security. To this end, we identify, evaluate and manage information security risks. For this reason, our company, together with our employees, has determined all our activities regarding;

  • Compliance with the principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility while producing, processing, transmitting and maintaining information,
  • Determination of the roles and responsibilities of all employees in the system to ensure the security of information,
  • Provision of awareness rising trainings on security to all our employees at regular intervals and to our contractors and subcontractors when necessary,
  • Compliance with the principle of "segregation of duties" in activities such as system management, network management and information security, as information security policy and presented to the relevant parties.

Our Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy

You can find detailed information about our personal data protection and privacy policy here.

Our Human Resources (HR) Policy

Our aim is to bring in talented human resources in line with our company's culture and values, to increase our employees' motivation and loyalty by investing in their development, and to develop systems that enable us to achieve our corporate goals and objectives by promoting sustainable high performance.


In this context, our Human Resources Policy is:

  • To provide human resources that will enable our company to reach its goals.
  • To create and develop the infrastructure of recruitment, training, performance, career management, salary and reward systems.
  • To support and motivate our employees to increase their contribution to the business processes and outputs of our company.
  • To invest in the professional and individual development of our employees in order to create a continuous learning and development environment.
  • To increase and maintain their loyalty to our company with an open and transparent management approach by offering our employees the most perfect working environment and atmosphere suitable for their needs.
  • To become the preferred employer brand by promoting customer-oriented, highly motivated, adapting and leading human resources and increasing internal communication.

Our Competencies

Taking Responsibility

We play a role in contributing to success, and embrace the results of our behavior and decisions.


We act consistent with corporate values and procedures, and arouse respect with our sincere behavior and successful performance.


We produce timely and appropriate solutions by adapting predictively to changing conditions.


We contribute to an open and transparent collaboration environment by encouraging different ideas to be heard in line with a common goal.

Quality and Service Orientation

We focus on customer expectations and satisfaction, regard quality processes, and offer sustainable solutions with an attentive and careful approach.

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