Satellite Platform

With the satellite platforms we have developed, we aim to both serve operational satellite missions and to start the history of the products developed for aerospace technologies in Turkey.

It is also among our priorities to provide services to local/foreign institutions and organizations that need satellite data to be obtained by remote sensing.

Capabilities | Competencies

    • Ability to design/analyse mission with software tools developed by STM
    • Satellite design and analysis compatible with space standards
    • Satellite integration and tests in a clean room environment


We develop software that performs satellite and mission management, and software that provides ground satellite control and mission planning during the orbital missions of satellites, and we also use these software on our own satellites.

We also provide simulation and modeling tools to be used in the satellite development process, and support during product design and verification stages.

Capabilities | Competencies

  • Software Development
  • Algorithm Development
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Integration and Testing
  • Image Processing
  • Mission Planning
  • Data Analysis and Fusion
  • Big Data


We are increasing our competencies in providing commercial satellite data by using the satellite data obtained from ground observation satellite systems. We also operate in the fields of concept mission design, technical support for project design and feasibility studies for satellite system solutions that can meet the requirements of institutions/organizations that need satellite data.


Capabilities | Competencies

    • Mission Design and Analysis
    • Satellite System Design
    • Mission Planning
    • Data Analysis and Fusion
    • Satellite Communication
    • Satellite Operations
    • Remote Sensing
    • Data Management and Distribution

Satellite Subsystems

We offer space-compatible subsystem/equipment/hardware solutions to be used in micro/nano satellite platforms.

Capabilities | Competencies

    • Scalable Hardware Design
    • Mechanical Design and Analysis
    • FPGA/Embedded Software Design
    • Electronics Design (Digital, analog, RF, etc.)
    • Assembly, Integration and Test
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