Building our future

While carrying our defence industry to the future with innovative products and services, we combine our society's abilities and powers to meet the needs created by our changing and developing world.


We consider the defence as a whole, from our national security needs, such as the protection of our seas with our own military vessels, or the exposure of our institutions to cyber threats, to the security need for cyber threats to which a single individual may be affected.

While we are trying to meet our security needs by developing innovative products and services for our defence industry, we are aware that we should not be content only with our own capacity. For this reason, we see social innovation as a lever in terms of getting social support and awareness in critical issues for our country and we focus our attention on our youth.

From deep waters

to the most obscure lines of codes...

A sociology thesis that focuses on social communication in a narrow space can facilitate life in submarines, or detecting a gap in a server can prevent billions of liras of damage.


In a complex, strategic and high-tech platform such as submarines, we work with our universities within the scope of the Deep Quests Submarine Design and Technologies Competition in order to receive a thesis-grade contribution from a wide variety of disciplines ranging from material science and chemistry, to physics and nutrition, and even psychology.

With the traditional Capture The Flag (CTF), we increase our university students' susceptibility to cyber security and bring the enthusiasts together with our competition.

With the StarTeaM Candidate Employee Program, which we have implemented to ensure the regular and qualified human resources, we aim to start 3rd and 4th grade students working life within our company by supporting their training and development.

With the Protocol we make with the Ministry of National Education, we provide trainings to our trainers on cyber security and big data, both within the scope of the education of trainers and of the students.

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It is our competition open to university students and graduates from different departments, ranging from ship building to physics, and from psychology to industrial engineering, and also to those who have prepared academic theses in the specific field over the past five years.

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Stm Capture The Flag


The Capture the Flag (CTF) competition organized by STM nationally has been held in October every year since 2015, and is among the most important competitions in the country in the field of Cyber Security.

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It is a program that the 3rd and 4th grade students who have undergraduate education start as an intern in our company and continue as a candidate employee as a result of the assessments, supports the development of young talents and prepares them for working life.

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