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The source of our strength is to provide services and products that will provide independence to our country in all critical areas. In this struggle for independence, our defence industry deals with the concept of "defence" not only with conventional defence systems but as a whole and carries out its activities by making use of both military and civilian capabilities and competencies of our country.

“Partner with us in our competition with world giants by exporting to friendly and brotherly countries the national experience we have locally gained.”

As an affiliate of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkiye Presidency of Defence Industries, we also take on duties as the main contractor in our sector, especially in the fields of necessity such as military naval platforms, autonomous systems, cyber security and informatics and continue our work with our entire business ecosystem.

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Join us in our efforts aimed at conducting indigenous projects for the independence of our country.

You can reach us to be a part of your business ecosystem and share your skills with us.


“Take your place among our over 1,000 valued business partners.”

The added value we create as one of the companies with the largest white collar engineer group in Turkiye is to realise our national projects with maximum locality by putting the potential of our business ecosystem, which we have built diligently and know all of its abilities closely, and by putting STM engineering, technology and design ability above all this value.

Our synergistic business culture is made up of over 1000 valuable business partners and suppliers.

With this motivation, we managed to carry our country's pride project like MİLGEM to indigenious levels of up to 70%. Our business ecosystem has a great share in this success, especially with the knowledge and experience of the TNFC and valuable orientation of SSB. Similarly, we continue our activities in order to ensure maximum locality in the MİLGEM-5 “İ” Class Frigate Project, which will be built as the first ship of its class.

With the effect of our synergy with our ecosystem, we have carried this national experience that we obtained locally to abroad with Pakistan Navy Fleet Replenishment Ship, which is one of the largest military ship exports in Turkiye, and with the export of our country's first and only submarine modernisation. We are currently among the top 100 defence companies in the world, and we are aware that we can only achieve our vision of being among the top 50 defence industry companies by maintaining our union of forces.

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