We defend today and our future
with our innovations

We are constantly pursuing innovation… While providing solutions that facilitate defence today, we dream of the future and push our limits with innovative ideas for the security of our country.

As the leading defence industry company of Turkiye, we adopt innovation as a way to exist and transform a constantly evolving industry. Our agility and experience gives us the flexibility to produce any product and service that has been prioritized in the defence field of our country and has not been done yet in order to realise the expectations that are diversified according to changing conditions, in the fastest and most effective way.

Although our applications range from simple to most complex, from modernising submarines and eliminating cyber threats to satellite systems and autonomous drone systems, our aim is one and only: Your being safe.

We will continue to work to meet expectations and go beyond that and to develop innovative products and services.

Unmanned autonomous submarines, technologies that can perform tasks without being dependent on GPS, providing critical/secret communication, blockchain technology and more...

We support our current design, artificial intelligence and hardware-focused capabilities with up-to-date technologies, and we carry them to new heights with the permeability we provide among our core business areas.

While we deepen our design, construction, modernisation and indigenisation capabilities in military naval platforms, we are preparing for the future by adapting the artificial intelligence and autonomous algorithms we have gained within the scope of our mini UAV systems to our unmanned military naval platforms.


With our cyber threat intelligence and cyber security capabilities that we serve to protect the infrastructure of critical institutions, we aim to adapt our capabilities in order to protect our national platforms such as satellites, naval platforms, drones, especially military platforms against cyber attacks.

We are working on micro and nano satellites that can serve as a cost and time effective, high performance and multi satellite concept by perceiving the satellite solutions for purposes such as meeting the need for tactical images in the field, general mapping or providing images in natural disasters.

While we continue to develop our innovative approaches and pioneers for our country like this and so on, we believe that we will reach the future in a leading and competitive position by catching the future.

A coffee break, a fountain, a fair, or even a tweet... For us, everywhere is an opportunity where the seeds of ideas are going to trigger innovation…


We are the biggest design and engineering company of our country, with our white-collar employees from different disciplines. The brain power we have is our most important resource for developing innovative ideas, designing these ideas and implementing them together with our indigenious industry.

Along with the working environment in our company that supports synergy and reveals ideas, we are constantly feeding on new ideas with the contributions of each STM employee to our systematic idea-gathering platform. We are not limited in our company, we directly contact our military and civilian authorities, and we also benefit from the ideas of all our followers and visitors through our social media and website.

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