Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Local Industry Coordination
Within the scope of JSF/F-35 Project; STM was assigned by Defence Industry Executive Committee since 2004 to increase national industrial participation to the highest level possible.

With the project, JSF Industry Coordination Team was established at SSM and the team is coordinating and representing the Turkish companies towards any collaboration with the JSF Participating Nations. Apart from industrial participation activities between Turkish Industry and the main/sub-contractors around the world, STM also actively participates to Program management activities performed by SSM.

Field Survey of Ankara Industry for Nuclear Energy Infrastruture Project
Within the scope of the cooperation protocol signed on July 2015 between Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ankara Chamber of Industry and Ankara Development Agency, "Field Survey of Ankara Industry for Nuclear Energy Infrastruture Project" conducted.

Along with the project, field survey and literature review studies have been conducted in order to determine the potential suppliers/sub-contractors in nuclear energy field. Certification, training, test and analysis requirements have also been determined within the project scope.