STM Brought the World Drone Cup Excitement to Samsun

05.09 2022

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32 competitors from 26 different countries strived for success against the fierce competition, where the best drone pilots in the world were determined at the World Drone Cup, organized by STM as part of TEKNOFEST BLACK SEA.

Perpetually working towards the National Technology Initiative and Turkey's fully independent defence industry target, STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret AŞ., one of the leading companies in the Turkish defence sector, brought together the world's best drone pilots at TEKNOFEST BLACK SEA. The World Drone Cup (WDC) competition, conducted by STM for 4 years, was held at Samsun Çarşamba Airport this year as part of TEKNOFEST.

In the World Drone Cup-2022, 32 pilots from 26 different countries, from Brazil to South Korea, from America to Russia, from Switzerland to Italy, competed. Atakan Mercimek, Hüseyin Ablak and Hüseyin Yılmaz Çimen, who represented Turkey at WDC-2022, ranked first, second, and third, respectively at the Turkey Drone Championship.

World Drone Champion is from South Korea

The world's best drone competitors stepped onto the runway on September 1st and completed the first day with exploring the racecourse and test flights. After the qualifying rounds on the second day, grand final took place on the third day. In the final, MinChan Kim from South Korea won the first place, Changhyeon Kang again from South Korea took the second place, and Killian Rousseau from France won the third place. The winner in WDC-2022 won 30 thousand TL, the second 20 thousand TL and the third 10 thousand TL. Bringing the world's best drone pilots to Samsun, STM World Drone Cup ended with an award ceremony held on Sunday, September 4th.

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KARGU and MİLGEM Experience

Numerous activities were organized for children and young people at STM stand throughout the TEKNOFEST Black Sea event. At the STM stand, kids by putting ships, submarines and UAVs of their dreams on paper, demonstrated their skills on 3D models of Turkey's first rotary-wing mini attack UAV KARGU and Turkey's first national corvette project MİLGEM. Visitors who had the opportunity to examine MİLGEM, KARGU and ALPAGU closely, enjoyed an unforgettable festival with surprise gifts.

Güleryüz: The Path to National Technologies Passes Through Our Youth

Özgür Güleryüz, the General Manager of STM stated that they came together with young people who are interested in science, technology and engineering through TEKNOFEST and added, “This time round, we came together with the Teknofest generation in Samsun, one of the symbol cities of our Independence. We need young people who are interested in science and technology in order to develop our national technologies. Our youth, who had the opportunity to display their skills at Teknofest, while gaining experience through competitions, also become acquainted with our defense industry. At Teknofest, we as STM by bringing together our national engineering with the youth, guide them through their career journey.”

With regard to TEKNOFEST competitions, Güleryüz said, “At the Turkey Drone Championship we have organized, we determined the best drone pilots of Turkey. Then we brought together the world's best drone pilots at the World Drone Cup in Samsun. Congratulations to all our competitors who competed and ranked the highest. We will always continue to support our youth and work towards making their dreams come true.”


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