STM May 19 #Youthoftomorrow Cybersecurity Contest

12.05 2020

It is time to compete with the enthusiasm of May 19 to catch the future! If you are a high school or university student, you can participate in our competition by answering the questions we will share at on May 13–15, through which the cyber world and surprising prizes can be yours.

19 Mayis Duyuru

Competition Rules and Details:

  • Organized by STM, the competition will start on Wednesday, 13 May, 2020 with the first question shared at and will end on Friday, 15 May, 2020.
  • STM reserves the right to change the competition dates.
  • High school and university students born between 19 May, 1995 and 19 May, 2005 are eligible for participation in the competition.
  • Competitors should send their answers to the questions to the e-mail address. If two or more competitors share the same winning number of correct answers, the time taken to send the answers and the written reports (for questions requiring them) will be taken into account.
  • All answers should be sent by e-mail. Competitors should write the name of the question in the subject field and send all answers from the same e-mail address. The answers of those who do not comply with this rule will not be evaluated.
  • During the evaluation, only the first e-mail sent in reply to each question will be considered.
  • Anyone found to have shared or published any of the answers in any environment will be disqualified.
  • The STM Cybersecurity Team will evaluate all of the responses sent to based on a scoring system (each question is weighted based on its difficulty level, and points are allotted accordingly), and will determine the competition winners.
  • The three highest ranking students in each category (i.e. three high school students and three university students) will receive special prizes.
  • The prizes to be given in the competition participants depend on stocks.
  • Anyone who participates in the competition with a fake profile, and anyone who cannot prove that they are a student will not be considered as participants, nor will they be entitled to receive prizes, even if they answer all the questions correctly. In such cases, the next highest ranking person will be awarded the prize.
  • The competition prizes will be delivered via courier. The award winners are required to share with STM their name, surname, address, phone number and a document indicating their student status. 
  • No personal information shared with STM will be used for any purpose other than for the delivery of the prize.
  • There will be no cash substitutes for prizes.
  • This campaign falls outside the scope of lotteries and bonuses that are subject to the licenses and permits issued by the National Lottery Administration. The competition has no affiliation with Instagram or Twitter.
  • Participants are deemed to have accepted the rules of the competition in advance, and must comply with the rules. Failure in this regard will remove their right to claim a prize.
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