World's Best Drone Pilots to Compete at Türkiye TEKNOFEST!

30.08 2022

STM, one of the leading companies in the Turkish defence sector, is bringing the world's best drone pilots together at Teknofest Black Sea where they will take part in the World Drone Cup (WDC).

STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. will be joining TEKNOFEST, the world's largest aviation, space and technology festival, to be held at Samsun Çarşamba Airport between 30 August and 4 September.

The World's Best Drone Racers from 26 Different Countries

STM, as the organizer of the World Drone Cup – the best drone race in the world – will bring together the best drone racers in the world at TEKNOFEST BLACK SEA. At WDC, the visiting pilots will compete on specially prepared challenging courses with drones that they have designed and assembled themselves. The drone pilots, who have taken the top spot in competitions in their own countries, will meet to duke it out in Samsun. 32 competitors from 26 different countries, from Brazil to Ukraine, and from the United States to Portugal, will strive for success against the fierce competition. The winner of WDC will be awarded TRY 30,000, while those taking the second third places will walk away with TRY 20,000 TRY 10,000, respectively. WDC begins on Thursday, 1 September with Track Day 1, and the event will conclude with the trophy ceremony on Sunday, 4 September. WDC was named the world's best sporting event at the Event Production Awards organized in London in 2019.

TDC Grand Finale at TEKNOFEST

The names that will compete on behalf of Türkiye at WDC will be determined in the final of the Türkiye Drone Championship (TDC). After the challenging stages in Kastamonu, Sinop and Artvin throughout the year, 16 Turkish competitors have made it to the TDC finals. After the grand final on 30–31 August, being held as part of TEKNOFEST, two names will go on to represent Türkiye at WDC.

The names of the competitors who take part in the World Drone Cup are as follows:


  Country Name Nickname
1 BELARUS Andrei Tsishyn Tish.a
2 BRASIL Heitor Teles heitor_fpv
3 BULGARIA Antoni Georgiev AntoniG
4 CZECHIA David Spacek SpaglFpv
5 CZECHIA Lukáš Košata Sweeper
6 DENMARK Christoffer Madsen ChrisMFpv
7 FRANCE Killian Rousseau Darkex
8 FRANCE Tristan Goin Trinx
9 GERMANY Alexander Pollinger Alex Akra
10 GERMANY Konstantin Sonnentag KostaFpv
11 HUNGARY Roland Ronto daemon_fpv
12 ISRAEL Dennis Hochmann skAve
13 ITALY Luisa Rizzo LeoOnFire
14 KOREA (South) Changhyeon Kang ModoFpv
15 KOREA (South) MinChan Kim MCKFpv
16 LATVIA Tomass Pētersons TopeFpv
18 LITUANIA Mantas Zitkus ZTK
19 NETHERLANDS Dennis Mennema DroneDFPV
20 POLAND Paweł Laszczak Pawelos
21 PORTUGAL Carlos Alexandre Fernandes Costa Carlito
22 ROMANIA Ali Grünner Ali Green
23 RUSSIA Gennady Fomin Genfo
24 SPAIN Marc Espuna Singularity
25 SWEDEN David Modig Longcat
26 SWITZERLAND Florian Gluszka FloFPV
29 UK Dane Grace Dane
30 UKRAINE Stefan Datsik StDuck
31 USA Evan Turner Headsup
32 USA Silas Aaron Propsicle


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