STM, A Reliable Partner Of Armies Around The World, Brings Its Naval Projects and Mini-UAV Systems To Pakistan

11.11 2022

STM, one of the leading companies in the Turkish defence sector, will be bringing its naval platforms and tactical mini-UAV systems to the IDEAS 2022 exhibition in Pakistan.

STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş., which plays a key role in the defence field, contributing to Türkiye’s significant progress in the field over the past couple of years, offers critical solutions in various segments, including naval platforms, tactical mini-UAV systems and cyber security. Under the leadership of the Defence Industry Agency (SSB), STM continues to export the experience it has accumulated while meeting domestic needs to friendly and allied nations through cooperation and technology transfer agreements.

STM will be displaying its innovative and modern defence technologies at the International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) in Karachi, Pakistan on 15–18 November, as one of the leading defence exhibitions in South Asia.

STM500 Submarine to be Exhibited in Pakistan

STM will be presenting its Istif (I)-Class Frigate, its Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker (PNFT) and its STM500 – a small-sized submarine designed using national resources – to visitors at IDEAS. STM, which produces leading and competitive platforms in the tactical the mini-UAV system market segment, will also be introducing KARGU, Türkiye's first mini-attack UAV; the TOGAN surveillance UAV system; and the ALPAGU fixed-wing attack UAV system, to the South Asian market.

STM assumes a critical role in meeting the requirements of navies around the world

Commenting on the company’s participation at the event, Özgür Güleryüz, General Manager of STM, said:

“With its indigenous engineering solutions, STM is engaged in collaborative projects, technology transfer and business development activities in more than 20 countries, from South America to the Far East. While equipping the Turkish Navy and Turkish security forces with innovative and national systems, we share our experience and engineering capability with friendly and allied nations.

We regard the collaborative projects that we are carrying out as partnerships, as we are not only selling products and solutions to our customers, but also making an effort the develop their technologies and production capabilities, considering them as our partners in the defence field while carrying out joint production and sharing our know-how.  With its long-term service support and indigenously developed weapon systems, STM makes a difference by making its products and capabilities available to the navies of nations that may be subject to and limited by embargoes. 

In our ship construction and modernisation projects we offer the flexibility of being able to work in all of the qualified shipyards in Türkiye and in those of our client’s countries, thus maximising the local contribution.  We are exporting systems that continue to be used with great success by Turkish security forces on the ground to other countries as cost-effective and modern high-quality engineering solutions. We share our knowledge, experience, and engineering capabilities with friendly and allied nations. Our company has always maintained transparency and openness in sharing and transferring experience, technology and information.  We want all our business partners abroad to know that we look to develop engineering solutions that meet their requirements, at the right time and with the right budget, through planning and scheduling.

STM Powers Pakistan's Defence

We have carried out a number of major projects in Pakistan, which we consider a friendly and allied nation. STM built and delivered PNFT MOAWIN, Navy Fleet Tanker designed for the Pakistani Navy, in Karachi, Pakistan in 2018 as part of a project aimed at building a military ship with the biggest tonnage abroad. In addition, we are continuing with the modernisation of Pakistan’s Agosta-Class 90B submarines.  We have already delivered the first submarine under the project, while the modernisation of two remaining submarines is continuing. This is STM’s first time acting as the prime contractor in a submarine modernisation project being conducted in a foreign country.  Building upon these projects that we are successfully carrying out, we are now taking part in a project for the production of four Ada-Class Corvettes for Pakistan in which we are applying our engineering capabilities to the supply and integration of the main propulsion systems. We are keen to launch new collaborative projects and joint efforts to further enhance Pakistan’s defence capabilities.

As is the case with naval platforms, we are open to technology transfer and the joint production, development and sale of tactical mini-UAV systems to friendly and allied nations. We want to continue our work with Pakistan in the naval field, which has been continuing for years, with attack and surveillance drones. We are looking forward to displaying our innovative national platforms at IDEAS.”



Date: 15–18 November, 2022

Venue:  Karachi Expo Centre / Pakistan

Hall: 1 Stand No: A22

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