Cyber Security Decision Support System

Network Topology

CyDecSys maps the topology of all components in the network, including devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls, and shows their relationship at the subnet level. While doing so, it uses specialised methods and open protocol-based methods for products on the network.

Cydecsys Ag Topolojisi

Outstanding Features

  • Automatic discovery of network topology
  • Automatic discovery of assets on the network
  • Explore vulnerabilities in the network more quickly in distributed architecture through active scanning
  • Ability to detect more vulnerabilities with current vulnerability detection scripts (nvt)
  • Vulnerability detection quickly and without creating traffic on the network with passive scanning


  • Ability to analyse the system risk with different perspectives
  • Providing instant alerts for critical vulnerabilities with threat intelligence
  • Ability to analyse multi-step attacks with attack trees
  • Providing correct and optimal decision support with preventive measure analysis and simulation


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