Smart Fleet Analytics


From Big Data to Qualified Data

Fleetics allows you to control all of the components of your vehicle. Offers advanced data science analyses based on rich and high-quality data obtained from your vehicle. In addition to real time failure and warning notifications, it also provides predictable maintenance information. It reduces the usage and maintenance costs of a vehicle. It increases the effectiveness of operation through the unique and valuable information it provides and it is capable of providing advanced machine learning and deep learning analysis results.

Time of Operation

It supports the uninterrupted operation of your vehicles.

Instant Status Information

It provides instant failure information based on the data received from hundreds of sensors. It provides you with more information about your vehicle by establishing instant access to the warnings defined by the user.

Advanced Analyses

It provides enhanced and rich visual reports using big data analytical methods.

Geographical Position

It visualizes the instant basic tracking of your vehicles.

Maintenance Planning

Thanks to it’s continuous monitoring capability, it allows you to plan maintenance operations at the most appropriate time and under the ideal conditions to prevent work loss.

Remote Update

No need to go to a service station for software updates. Updates are controlled from software center.


Covered by secure systems to prevent cyber attacks.

Usage-Based Insurance

It allows you to make most suitable insurance contracts for your vehicles based on full access to vehicle usage and maintenance information that can be shared with the people you want.

Drive Information

It provides you with information about the driving characteristics and driving score cards of your drivers and permits the performance of driving style analyses for reward and training, encouraging an optimum driving style.

Customer Satisfaction

It increases the level of post-sales communication and satisfaction, as the vehicle data can accessed both by the vehicle manufacturer and the vehicle owner.


Ensures perfect operational performance through planned and efficient usage based on detailed reports.
Big Data + Correct Analyses = Fleetics

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