Reliable Partner Of The Navies: Stm Brings Its Naval Platforms Capabilities To Malaysia

03.05 2024

STM, one of the leading companies in the Turkish defence sector, will be exhibiting its naval platforms and tactical mini UAV systems at DSA-2024. STM supplies NATO's second largest army, the Turkish Armed Forces, as well as the navies of friendly and allied nations with state-of-the-art warships.

 STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş., having played a key role in the significant progress seen in the field of defence in the past couple of years in Türkiye, offers critical solutions in such areas as naval platforms, tactical mini-UAV systems (loitering munitions) and cyber security.

Under the leadership of the Turkish Presidency of Secretariat of Defence Industries  (SSB), STM continues to meet domestic needs and to export its accumulated experience to friendly and allied nations through cooperation and technology transfer agreements.

Ada Class Corvette and Türkiye’s First National Frigate to be on Exhibited in Kuala Lumpur

STM will be displaying mock-ups of Türkiye's first national corvette project – the Ada Class MILGEM, Türkiye's first national frigate the İstif (I) Class Frigate, STM-MPAC Multi Purpose Attack Craft, the Coast Guard Ship CG-3100 and will be presenting its STM500, a small-sized submarine designed using national resources to the participants.

From among STM’s tactical mini UAV systems, Türkiye’s first national attack UAV, Combat Proven Rotary Wing Loitering Munition System KARGU, which has been exported to more than 10 countries in three different continents; the ammunition drop UAV BOYGA, which has already joined the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) inventory will be on display at the STM booth.

In addition, the latest ship of the MİLGEM Ada Class, TCG KINALIADA (F-514) Corvette, in which STM acts as the lead subcontractor and by equipping it with national and modern systems, will dock in Kuala Lumpur as part of its port visits during the Japan Voyage from May 13th to 15th.

“We Aim to Strengthen Naval Collaboration with Malaysia”

Özgür Güleryüz, General Manager of STM, said:

“The Turkish defense industry has been achieving significant successes in the international arena, and  STM plays an important role in this story. We develop innovative and modern technologies with our qualified human resources. We also transfer our capabilities to the Turkish Armed Forces as well as to countries on different continents.

We consider that Türkiye has many friendly and allied nations in the Asia-Pacific region with which we have common ties. Accordingly, we are carrying out business development activities in South Asia to enhance the defence capacity of many countries with modern systems.

We want to be the solution partner of Malaysia in the seas. With our experience in MİLGEM and I Class Frigates we have built in Türkiye, and international projects (G2G) in Ukraine and Pakistan, we believe that we will sign important partnerships in the Asia Pacific.

Our intention is not only to showcase our products to the Asia-Pacific region, as we are also seeking to establish new collaborations in the market with a focus on the naval platform segment. We continue to express our willingness to transfer technologies to the region, and to Malaysia in particular, with a view to establishing projects that will develop domestic industries and the region as a whole, thus contributing to the long friendly alliance and friendship of Türkiye and Malaysia.”

Production Aligned with NATO Standards

STM is engaged in collaborations, technology transfer and business development activities in more than 30 countries, from South America to the Far East. As part of its design, construction and modernization activities, STM develops flexible indigenous engineering solutions for the surface and submarine platforms of Türkiye – a NATO member with one of the most active navies in the world – and for the navies of friendly and allied nations, addressing specific needs and ensuring more effective mission performance. The systems successfully used in the field by the Turkish Navy are being exported overseas by STM as quality, affordable and modern engineering solutions. STM, with its long-term service support and indigenously developed weapon systems, makes a difference by offering its products and capabilities to navies of other nations in a way that embargoes cannot affect them.

Türkiye's Naval Engineering Power: Ada Class Corvette

The Turkish Naval Forces is making active use of the four MİLGEM Ada-Class Corvettes manufactured under a project in which STM was the lead subcontractor, undertaking various crucial tasks. Ada Class Corvette can perform all main principal warfare types, namely AAW, ASUW, ASW and EW. She can conduct engagements against surface, air and underwater targets employing both dedicated onboard sensors & weapons and inorganic assets. From advanced weapon and combat systems to state-of-the-art sensors, these corvettes are ready for any mission.

STM, the designer and main contractor of Türkiye’s first national frigate TCG İSTANBUL, has delivered the ship featuring advanced electronic and weapon systems to the Turkish Navy. Work on the 6th, 7th and 8th MİLGEM ships, which will be the sister ships of TCG İSTANBUL, is going on under the STM-TAİS Joint Venture.

Besides, STM has delivered the Test and Training Ship TCG UFUK (A-591), built under a project in which it took on the main contractor role, at a ceremony attended on January 14, 2022.

STM, the Choice of the Navies of Many Nations, From Pakistan to Ukraine

STM attaches great importance to cost-effectiveness, uninterrupted technical support and knowledge transfer in every project in which it is involved, creating collaborations that will enhance the defense capabilities of nations. Under a project including technology transfer, STM launched a corvette construction project for the Ukrainian Navy in 2021,  and the construction of two Ukrainian Corvettes under the project is successfully on track.

In addition, STM designed the Pakistan Fleet Tanker PNS MOAWIN for the Pakistan Navy, and built it in Karachi. Constructed under Türkiye’s largest tonnage military shipbuilding project, the ship was delivered in 2018. STM, which is the main contractor in the modernization of Pakistan's Agosta 90B Khalid Class Submarines, has already modernized and delivered two of the submarines, while work on the third one is underway.

STM has gained the trust of the Pakistan Navy with the projects it has delivered successfully to date, and is currently involved in the construction of the four Ada-Class Corvettes being built by Türkiye for Pakistan, bringing all its engineering capabilities to the project for the procurement and integration of the main propulsion system.

Pioneering Submarine Projects

STM is also undertaking important tasks in the submarine modernization and construction projects of the Turkish Navy. Having successfully modernized two Ay-Class Submarines (Type-209/1200) in the role of main contractor, STM is now involved in the modernization of four Turkish Navy Preveze-Class Submarines (Type-209/1400) as the lead contractor. STM is also playing a critical role in the Turkish Navy New Type Submarine Project (Reis Class/Type-214) featuring an Air Independent Propulsion System, taking a significant step in the realization of the Turkish National Submarine Project. The company has achieved historic success in the project with the first-time local production of the head section (section 50) that houses the torpedo tubes, adding Türkiye to the short list of countries in the world with such a capability. STM’s small-tonnage submarine named STM500, which was developed with the company’s own resources, also attracts great interest from different parts of the world.

Combat-Proven Tactical UAV Systems

The attack and surveillance UAV systems developed by STM using its own engineering and technological capabilities are being used to full effect by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) in the provision of border security, both at home and in international operations. The product range of STM, which develops and manufactures pioneering and competitive tactical mini UAV platforms for Türkiye and other countries in the world, includes Fixed Wing Loitering Munition System ALPAGU, Rotary Wing Loitering Munition System KARGU, Multi-Rotor UAS for Tactical Surveillance and Reconnaissance UAS TOGAN, Multi-Rotor Combat UAS with Mortar Payload BOYGA.

KARGU, which has been in TAF's inventory since 2018, achieved its first export success in 2021,  and is currently in active use by more than 10 countries in three different continents. The munition-dropping UAV BOYGA is another product of STM that is successfully serving in the Turkish Armed Forces. These modern warfare systems have already proven themselves successfully in the combat environment.

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STM DSA-2024 Stand Information:

Hall No: 2 Booth No: 2100M

Date: 06-09 May 2024

Venue: MITEC / Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

About STM

STM has been serving the Turkish defence sector for over a quarter of a century in such areas as engineering, technology and consultancy, working in fields that are critical for Türkiye and its allies. It applies its advanced capabilities and technologies to a broad range of strategic fields, ranging from naval platforms to tactical mini UAV systems, from satellites to cybersecurity, and from big data analytics to artificial intelligence applications.

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