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It is a program that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students who have undergraduate education start as an intern in our company and continue as a candidate employee as a result of the assessments, supports the development of young talents and prepares them for working life.




Candidate Employee Program

It is a program in which candidates determined as a result of certain assessments, who complete their internships will work in related departments of our company part-time for 6-12 months (as a minimum of 8, maximum 30 hours a week) and improve themselves. Depending on the needs of candidates and departments, remote working opportunities can also be offered.

Candidate Criteria 

  • Being a 3rd or 4th grade faculty student
  • GPA of at least 2.50 *Candidates whose GPA is below 2.50 are expected to participate in competitions and communities.
  • Applications will be received on on the dates announced by STM via communication channels.“
  • Online assessment tools will be applied for candidates who meet the criteria determined under the STARTEAM program and pass the pre-selection.
  • Candidates successfully passed the online evaluations will be included in the interview/evaluation center processes in which the technical team and the Human Resources team participate.
  • Candidates successfully passed the interviews will primarily do their internship at STM.


  • Technical trainings to improve the technical skills of candidate employees
  • Development Program Trainings will be planned to improve social skills.

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