Logıstıcs Support Shıp Tcg Yzb. Güngör Durmuş (A-574) Enters Into Servıce

21.12 2021



STM has delivered the first ship in the Logistics Support Ship Project, TCG YZB. GÜNGÖR DURMUŞ (A-574), to Naval Forces Command, in partial fulfilment of the contract signed with the Presidency of Defence Industries of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey on 9 February, 2021 assigning the company as the main contractor in the project.

All the remaining activities related to the two Logistics Support Ships, the construction of which has already started and the sea acceptance activities on the first ship have been reached, and the boat construction and landing on the second ship have been completed to a certain level, are proceeding under the responsibility of our company.

As the main contractor, STM is responsible for all programme management, procurement, assembly, ship outfitting, integration, testing and ILS within the framework of the project.

TCG YZB. GÜNGÖR DURMUŞ (A-574), the first ship in the Logistics Support Ship Project, was delivered to Turkish Naval Forces Command with a ceremony held on 8 December, 2021, after the completion of all test and trials in just 8 months.

All construction activities related to the ships are being carried out at ADA Shipyard, and the second ship in the project  ÜTĞM. ARİF EKMEKÇİ (A-575)  is scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2024.

As STM, we have successfully completed the construction of the largest tonnage military ships ever realized by Turkey abroad, meeting the logistics needs of the Pakistan Navy with the delivery of the Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker (PNFT) in 2018.


Lieutenant Güngör Durmuş, the former team commander of Underwater Defence Group Command of the Turkish Naval Forces, passed away in active service during an exercise in July 1998.


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