Electronic Flight Bag

Capabilities | Competencies

  • Portable Type B Electronic Flight Bag Solution
  • User friendly application compatible with all aircraft types
  • Modular system compatible with “Paperless Cockpit” concept
  • Effective use at all stages of the flight
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface designed for pilots
  • Multi-point, touch operable design

Digital Map

  • Digital moving map infrastructure
  • Flight plan and passage point display on digital map
  • Detailed flight information on the map
  • Ability to plan flight on the map

Integration with Airline Operations Management Systems

  • Smart operational flight plan processing and EFB data packaging
  • Easy user management (integrated with airline management systems)
  • Document management according to the airline hierarchy and synchronisation with EFB
  • SOA-based integration with airline systems

Flight Data Management

  • Online/offline data retrieval
  • Advanced PDF display
  • Management and demonstration of aviation plans
  • Detailed search and filter capability
  • Performance calculations

Integration with Airline Processes

  • Weight & balance calculation application with optimum load distribution
  • Takeoff and landing performance calculation and associated database

Avionic Integration with Aircraft

  • Integration with the flight management system on the aircraft via ARINC-429 protocol
  • Reading and displaying instant location, fuel and time information from the aircraft
  • Automatic flight plan update with dynamic FMS data

Assistantship Services Before and After Flight Process

  • Electronic signature
  • Dynamic E-Log creation (with ground unit form generation module)
  • Flight and maintenance logbook integrated with technical logbook
  • Post-flight data packaging and archiving

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