Meteorological Analysis Dashboard

Capabilities | Competencies

  • Through the OpsMet® service, users can receive retroactive graphical and formatted reports using various parameters.
  • Various predefined analyses such as incident inquiries, prevailling wind analysis, wind component, field vision analysis can be reported by using OpsMet®.
  • The OpsMet® database is updated automatically with METAR, TAF and SPECI reports published daily.

Areas of Use

  • Determination of appropriate tariff days and hours
  • Provision of appropriate crew assignment
  • Improving the number of passengers carried
  • Presentation of accurate airfield weather forecasts
  • Contribution to decision-support process at the stage of flightplanning (cancellation, delay, fuel, etc.)
  • Determining the requirements of the field facilities (de-icing etc.) and maintenance equipment (lightning strike)


  • OpsMet® uses only registered data coming from registered weather condition data provider systems.
  • The system is operated in a closed network that all nodes, servers and clients are on the same VPN.
  • The communication infrastructure used in the OpsMet® system is the server-client architecture running on the secure HTTP protocol.

Flexibility and Extensibility

  • High-end web-based technologies such as HTML5, Javascript, D3.Js, Node.Js were used in the development of OpsMet®.
  • The OpsMet® database contains verified retrospective METAR, TAF and SPECI broadcast data for more than 700 fields worldwide. The desired retrospective data of any field can be easily added to the OpsMet® database.
  • OpsMet® can be integrated with operational support systems such as flight planning and crew assignment system to make flight operation and planning using more accurate and processed weather data.
  • In the OpsMet® road map, it is anticipated that detailed analyses of the METAR, TAF and SPECI reports published and weather forecasts on the flight route can be made in the coming period.
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