Through The Wall Radar

Stm Dar 01

The DAR system is designed to be used in the hand, and it can be placed in the target area with the help of tripod and similar tools, and be controlled remotely with a tablet.

Main Features

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Remote control capability
  • High range resolution
  • Effective penetration ability
  • Macro and micro motion detection capability
  • Low power consumption and use with internal battery
  • Location and distance estimation of stable or moving or static targets
  • Dust protection
  • Save and replay the task
  • Wall detection
  • Remote viewing and control with tablet
  • Foreign language support

Technical Features

Size : 48cm x 26cm x 16cm
Weight : 6,5 kg
Detection Distance : 22 m (in free field)
Motion Detection : Macro and micro movements
Wall Types : Brick, plasterboard, wood, plastic, concrete, etc.
Cross-range Field of View : 112°
Display Modes : 1D, 2D
Screen Size : 7"
Power Type : Built-in rechargable battery and mains
Battery Operating Life (h)
 : 4 hours
Ingress Protection : IP66

Stm Dar

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