Standoff Through The Wall Radar

Main Features



    • Long range target detection
    • Ability to integrate with TTZA, ZMA and MRAP type vehicles
    • Vertical and horizontal two-axis movable antenna system
    • High distance resolution
    • Effective penetration capacity against different types of obstacles
    • Sensitivity to macro and micro movements
    • Working with built-in rechargeable battery or feeding from the vehicle's power unit
    • Two-dimensional location estimation
    • In-device test (idt) capability



    • Jamming-resistant
    • Metal coated wall warning capability
    • Wall distance identification capability
    • Battery operation time (full use mode)
    • MIL- STD -810 compatibility
    • MIL- STD -461 compatibility
    • Save and replay the task
    • Wall detection
    • Built-in test (BIT) feature
    • Foreign language support

Technical Features

Size : Antenna Unit: 150 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm
Detection Distance : 35 m (in free field)
Motion Detection : Macro and micro movements
Wall Types : Brick, plasterboard, wood, plastic, concrete, etc.
Mechanically Controlled Antenna System
Moving Vertical and Horizontal
: Available
Angle of View : 90°
Display Type : 2 Dimensional
Screen Size : 19"
Power Type : Rechargable battery or feeding from the vehicle’s powerunit
Lifespan of Battery (Including Standby Time) : 2.5 Hours (50% RF on, 50% standby mode)
Lifespan of Battery (100% Operational) : 1,5 Hours

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