Airborne Digital Moving Map System

FocusFlite GS
One planning solution for all platforms

FocusFlite® GS (Ground Station) helps pilots to review/prepare their mission plans with high precision and accuracy thanks to the 2D/3D planning capabilities it provides for different platforms.
With its extensible and adaptable mission planning infrastructure, platform-specific capabilities such as performance calculations can be easily added.
Intuitive, fast and responsive human-machine interface of the program has been developed, supported by usability tests.

FocusFlite® GS capabilities can be used on consoles, desktop stations and portable platforms.

General Capabilities

  • Multi-user planning
  • GIS developed in-house
  • Virtual globe infrastructure
  • Modern menu system with toolbar and tabs, expandable tools and dockable UI components, customizable user interface elements
  • Big data processing, dynamic data reduction
  • Administrative capabilities (different user roles, user authentication, central&local data and crew management, backup etc.)
  • Advanced layer management
  • Multi language support, UTM, MGRS and geographical coordinates
  • Imperial/metric units of measurement, 50+ datum, mission data transfer capabilities
  • Map tools (distance, bearing, area measurement) and map marker
  • Map printing capability
  • Aircraft mission data preparation (navigation, POI, flight plan, magnetic variation, communication etc.)
  • Fully integrated with FocusFlite® AS
  • Compatible with DO-200 A/B
  • Redhat, Debian (Including PARDUS) based Linux operating system support

Mission Planning Capabilities

  • Advanced flight planning capabilities (Automatic/Manual IFR, VFR, Cargo and CARP/ HARP planning, flight patterns, navigational information blocks, tactical approaches, take-off / landing procedures (SID, STAR, IAP) and route indicators, terrain following and level flight modes)
  • Flight plan analysis and performance calculations (estimated time of arrival, distance, fuel consumption, weight-balance etc.)
  • Flight plan reports
  • Aircraft/platform configuration, emergency procedures, magnetic variation
  • Vertical cross section, terrain, visibility, threat coverage, NOTAM, buffer zone and obstacle analysis
  • Communication analysis and planning
  • Weapon management

Data and Map Display Capabilities

  • 2D map and 3D virtual globe display modes
  • ARINC 424 and DAFIF navigation database support (airports, controlled airspaces, passage points, airlines, navigation aids, tactical approaches, SUAS, FIR/UIR, NOTAM)
  • Vector layers and raster overlay (user-defined points, buffer zones, country borders, territorial water borders, ACMAP/IAP/ ADC sketches, points of interest (POI))
  • Importing user-defined data layers
  • High quality background maps (relief, shaded, scanned digital maps for different scales (1/25K, 1/50K, 1/100K, etc.) and global view, CIB5, CIB10, satellite maps), geographical tile indicators, grid lines
  • Tactical data (obstacles, intelligence photos, threats, friend/foo units, tactical drawings, military symbology)
  • Supported Raster data formats (ECW, ADRG, CADRG, GeoTIFF, TIFF, Geospot, JPEG2000, CIB, DDS etc.)
  • Supported vector data formats (Shape, FileGDB, VMAP, GeospatialPDF, VRT, OpenAir, GMT etc.)
  • Terrain elevation databases (DTED – Level 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and SRTM)
  • Meteorological data (METAR, TAF, SPECI, GRIB)

Briefing and Debriefing Capabilities

  • 2D, 3D and night vision display modes
  • Various map orientation modes (North-up/head-up, ground/aircraft fixed)
  • Real-time analysis depiction
  • ADI and status display
  • Simulation controls
  • Playback of flight logs and maintenance data (BIT, WCA Logs, etc.)
  • Synchronous playback of multichannel videos with ongoing debriefing on map canvas



  • ATAK Program (T129), Gendarmerie Helicopter Modernisation (S70), Erciyes (C130), ANKA

FocusFlite AS
Airborne Digital Moving Map System

FocusFlite® AS (Airborne Segment) is a moving map-based auxiliary system used to increase the situational awareness of pilots during their tasks on aerial platforms. The system's advanced human-machine interface, which has been created as a result of years of usability tests, dynamic content management and simplified user interface studies, maximizes effective use.

General Capabilities

  • 2D moving map and 3D synthetic vision display modes
  • True/Magnetic “North-up”, “Head-up” and “Track-up” map orientation modes.
  • Vector layers and map coatings (user-defined points, buffer zones, country borders, territorial water borders, ACMAP/IAP/ ADC sketches, points of interest (POI))
  • Information indicators (compass, HUD etc.)
  • ARINC 424 and DAFIF navigation database display (airports, controlled airspaces, intersection points)
  • Airways, navigation aids, tactical approaches, SUAS, FIR/UIR, NOTAM
  • High resolution raster background maps (relief map, shaded maps, scanned maps: ortho photo up to the resolution of 1/ 25K, 1/ 50K, 1/ 100K, 1/ 250K, 1/ 500K, 1/ 1M, 1/ 2M, 2 Metres) Terrain Elevation Maps (DTED Level 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0)
  • Various raster and vector map formats (CADRG, CIB, JPEG, Geotıff, Erdas Image, DDS, Shape etc.)
  • User defined vector layers and styles
  • Advanced CADRG format support for systems with capacity (disk and performance) limits
  • Navigation and POI search capability that can be used in KDU supported systems
  • Range and bingo circle display
  • Multi language support
  • UTM, MGRS, geographic coordinate systems and more than 50 datum
  • Support for imperial/metric units
  • True and magnetic north display
  • Video recording
  • Platform-specific data import and transfer mechanism


Real-Time Analysis Capabilities

  • Vertical - Cross Section (VCS)
  • Height Above Terrain (HAT)
  • Line of Sight (LOS)
  • Threat and Target Sight Unit



  • Turkish Armed Forces ATAK Program (T129) and Gendarmerie Helicopter Modernisation Program (S70)
  • Navigation and tactical military operations, patrol, civil aviation

Tactical Capabilities

  • Display of obstacle, intelligence photos, threats, 2525B tactical drawing and military symbology, MAYDAY, location and situation report, observation report and close air support messages
  • Weapon coverage, sensor data displays
  • Flight plan and pattern demonstration
  • Audible and visual obstacle, terrain, border and NOTAM warnings
  • Tactical approach, flight messages, personnel locating systems (PLS), emergency checklist, off-the-route point and marked point
  • HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System) (DO-309/TSO C194 compliant and configurable.)
  • Integrated with TerraFlite® (can work in non-GNSS environments)


Compatible Standards

  • DO- 178B, DO- 257A, MIL- STD- 6017A, ARINC 424, MIL- STD- 2525B, MT76- 1A


Product Family Variants

  • FocusFlite® AS High Performance Edition: It addresses high resolution, high refresh rate and high data display requirements on Windows/Linux RT (Real Time) platforms on powerful hardware.
  • FocusFlite® AS Safety Critical Edition: It has been developed in compliance with DO-178B and OpenGL Sc restrictions to meet safety critical requirements. It is ready for DO-178B DAL C level certification and is supported by Greenhills INTEGRITY-178B RTOS as operating system.
  • FocusFlite® Mobile Edition: It is designed for use on Windows/Linux platform tablets with touch screen. It can be used with STM AeroSuite® Solution.


Data Interfaces and Hardware Descriptions

  • MIL- STD- 1553, ARINC 429, Ethernet, RS232
  • COTS central and graphics processor units
  • OPEN GL SC and GL 3.X support

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