Terrain Aided Navigation Solution


  • Reduced Horizontal and Vertical Error with Increased Platform Position Accuracy
  • Increased Situational Awareness with close-to-truePosition-Based Image Production
  • More Precise Passive Obstacle Alerts
  • Jamming-Resistant Navigation
  • GNSS Independent
  • High Resolution Terrain Data Usage (DTED Level 4, Level 3, Level 2, Level 1 and Level 0)
  • Achieving Target in Non-GNSS/GNSS-Denied Environments
  • Use with Digital Map, Obstacle/ Terrain Warning and Auto piloting Systems
  • Easy Integration Capability with Air Systems
  • Fully Integrated with STM FocusFlite® AS and FusionFlite® Sensor Fusion Engine Solutions
  • Enhanced Data Fusion Infrastructure


  • COMFORTABLE Processor and GPU support
  • Ready for DO-178B Level-C Certification
  • MIL- STD - 1553B, ARINC- 429, Ethernet, RS232 Interface Support

Product Family Variants

  • TerraFlite® High Performance Edition: It provides solutions for GNSS-denied environments that require high performance and in Windows/Linux RT (real time) platforms on powerful comfortable hardware.
  • TerraFlite® Safety Critical Edition: It has been developed in compliance with DO-178B restrictions to meet safety critical requirements. It is ready for DO-178B DAL C level certification and supports GreenHills INTEGRITY-178B RTOS operating system.
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