Synthetic Aperture Radar Surveillance Satellite Payload Simulation Development

Main Capabilities

Creating scenario It is a software with the possibilities to create a new scenario by the user, to reorganize and save the created scenario to be optimized.
Creating satellite model New satellites can be added to the scenarios. It is designed to suit the multi mini satellite concept. If desired, 3D models of satellites can be added and visualised. Visiting times can be calculated on the defined target area for single and multi mini satellite missions.
Coverage Analysis and Revisit Time Calculation Frequency of re-visits of satellites within the target area can be calculated. Groundtrack and potential scanning widths can be shown on 2D and 3D surface models.
Ground Station Coverage Calculation Interactions between satellite and ground station can be calculated. It can be presented to the user in tabular form.
Synthetic SAR Image Generation It can create synthetic raw SAR images of objects defined by the user and process these images.
SAR image Processing It has the capabilities to process raw SAR images created by real satellites and present them to the user.

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