Localization and Sector Analysis

We provide research and analysis services to public institutions and organizations and domestic and foreign companies to increase their domestic and national contributions in the projects they will carry out in Turkiye, in order to contribute to reducing Turkiye’s dependency on foreign countries, increasing productivity in industrial production, and achieving a positive export-import balance. In this context, we carry out sector analysis of Turkiye, infrastructure identification and analysis studies, identification of new business areas, economic impact analysis, localisation and indigenisation analysis, and clustering and industry coordination activities.

Our Reference Projects

  • Presidency of the Republic of Turkiye Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB)Kazan Defense and Aviation Industry Cluster Project
  • Sinop Nuclear Power Plant Economic Impact Analysis Localization Project
  • Export-Focused Localization Project for Nuclear Power Plants

Our Current Projects

Presidency of the Republic of Turkiye Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) Sector Capability Atlas Project

In the project we conducted under the auspices of the SSB Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems Department, it is aimed to determine the current state of the Electronic Warfare and Radar (EWR) sector, obtain the basic data required for sector analysis and create a Technology Space in the light of the relevant data in order to follow and to direct the EWR sector. Within the scope of the project, visits were made to the companies, data on company capabilities were collected, and this data was processed to create a Company Capability Map for each company and Turkiye Capability Map for the whole Turkiye.

In addition, a Technology Space Platform was prepared in which various visual analysis can be performed by blending the data obtained from the companies through Technology Breakdown and Taxonomy studies carried out in 10 different technology fields focused on or related to Electronic Warfare.

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