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ThinkTech, Turkiye’s first technology-based think tank, was launched on 23 November 2017. ThinkTech’s mission is to develop unique solutions and technological insights in strategic areas related to Defense and Security, Science and Technology, Aviation, Transport, Health, Education, and Energy sectors.

ThinkTech, turning into a sustainable and adaptive structure in a short period with its genuine approaches, products, and services, continues to create distinct value to decision-makers who are surrounded by a very complex environment. ThinkTech is moving confidently into the vision of making a difference in the consultancy area in cooperation with public institutes, academia, private companies, and other think tanks.

Our Reference Projects

  • NATO SHAPE Resilience Experiment Decision Support System Project
  • Requirement Analysis Project for Increasing Added Value in Huğlu and Üzümlü Weapons Industry
  • Education and Analysis Project for Increasing Added Value in Huğlu and Üzümlü Weapons Industry

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Our Current Projects

NATO SHAPE Resilience Experiment Decision Support System Project

Using the “System Dynamics” approach, NATO Resilience Decision Support Model was developed and delivered to NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT).

This model provides a scenario-based analysis infrastructure regarding which areas and infrastructures will be affected, and to what extent, in the event of various types of strategic shocks determined at the outset of the project by NATO, such as large migration movements, the build-up of a conflict environment, large-scale power outages and natural disasters. Our STM ThinkTech Resilience Decision Support Model provides significant support to decision-makers when deciding on the allocation of resources and investments by showing them the strategic impacts of such shocks, including those with potential social and effects, and their possible consequences on civil and military system elements, along with potential changes in the performance of such elements. We have started working with NATO ACT on the development of the upper version of the model.

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KOP (Konya Plain Project Regional Development Administration) Education and Analysis Consultancy Services Project

This is a consultancy project that we conduct with the KOP Regional Development Administration in order to increase the efficiency of stationed shotgun manufacturers in Konya Huğlu and Üzümlü regions and to integrate them into the defence industry.

In the project, field data were collected from the manufacturers in the region, manufacturers were categorized with artificial intelligence algorithms, and specific training and analysis services were provided for each category.

Within the scope of the analysis, using the “STM ThinkTech Capability Analysis Model”, a capability-product portfolio was created to increase market diversity. The complexity indices of firms and products were calculated with the “Economic Complexity” method, and the possible added values of the products that could be manufactured with the existing possibilities and capabilities of the firms were calculated. In addition, a “Request Management System” concept has been developed for the regional production ecosystem and ecosystem modeling has been made by using the “System Dynamics” method. Short, medium, and long-term strategic (and concrete) steps for the region are defined in the Business Analysis Document, in which all the works carried out within the scope of the project are reported.

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Presidency of the Republic of Turkiye Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) Defense Literacy Project

The project, which we carry out under the auspices of the SSB Institutional Quality and Affiliates Department, aims to increase the young people's interest in the defence industry and raise their awareness about the current state of the Turkish defence industry.

Within the scope of the project, two “Defence Policies and Technologies Summer Schools” were organized in Ankara, with a total of 42 participants and the “Business Wargame” activity, which was designed by STM ThinkTech. In addition, a "Defence Policies and Technologies Conference" was held in Gaziantep with the participation of approximately 150 people and the writing of the "Introduction to Defence Studies Book" was started.

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National Power Model for Turkiye

Within the scope of the project, a decision support model has been developed by using the “System Dynamics” method to analyze the total capacity of a country. The model includes about 1,500 parameters that make up the human, economic, military, technological, geographical, psychosocial, and political aspects of a country.

With the model we have developed, scenario-based analyses can be made over the years regarding the national capacities of the countries. STM ThinkTech National Capacity Model is an indigenous and national decision support tool that can be used to predict the possible outcomes of strategic investment decisions to be made for different fields and sectors. The export success achieved in the development of the model in question also brought modeling and simulation-capability.

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Idea-Product Cycle Decision Support System in Advanced Health Technologies

Within the scope of the study we conducted with Baskent University, a Technological Insight Decision Support System has been developed that can provide insight into the most valuable technologies and fields that the public or private sector can invest in the field of advanced health technologies and the possible effects of the investment to be made.

In the study, an analysis was made on data obtained from patent databases by applying data mining, semantic network analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning methods on academic articles, clinical studies - with the highest index/citation coefficient- where the ideas emerged. By using our Technological Insight Decision Support System, patents of ideas likely to turn into products will be issued, ideas at the incubation stage will be identified and contribution will be made to focused investment. Our decision support system will also be able to identify areas that may create added value in the future related to different sectors.

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National Capacity and Performance Tracking Model

It is the decision support system that we developed by using the "Economic Complexity" and "System Dynamics" methods. The model we have developed provides an infrastructure to measure the economic capacity of a country over the years and to analyze the strategic investment decisions that can be taken to increase the economic capacity on a scenario basis.

Our STM ThinkTech National Capacity and Performance Tracking Model can provide insight on identifying products with high export potential and determining the added value that can be offered to the national economy if these products are exported.

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Stm Business Wargame

Other Activities

In addition to Modelling and Decision Support Services, STM ThinkTech Future Technology Institute produces technology-oriented reports and analysis with an independent, objective and constructive approach. ThinkTech closely follows the technology and defence agenda with over 300 analysis we published on its website and reaches the public through network activities such as focus meetings and panels we organized, and plays an awareness-raising role. In addition, ThinkTech continues its business development activities in this context by sharing its capability to construct and implement "Business Wargaming" with various target groups.


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