KARGU and TOGAN Receıve Full Grades In The Winter Exercıses

03.02 2023


STM, which develops pioneering and innovative platforms for the tactical mini UAV market, made its mark during the "2023-Winter Exercise" with KARGU and TOGAN.

Organised by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), the 2023-Winter Exercise was successfully conducted in Kars with the largest number of participants in the history of the Republic. Developed by STM using national capabilities, KARGU, Turkey's first mini-attack UAV, and TOGAN, a surveillance UAV, took part in the Winter Exercise for the first time.

KARGU Hits Target with Pinpoint Accuracy

KARGU, which has been in the inventory of the TAF for five years and has been exported to nearly 10 countries based on its success in numerous operations, hit the “red” targets with pinpoint accuracy during the exercise. In the exercise scenario, KARGU detected the retreat of an enemy vehicle and its personnel after a UCAV attack against the “red” command post.  After spotting the target, KARGU, after reaching its optimal attack altitude of 150 metres, executed a rapid dive towards the target at an angle of 32 degrees. KARGU neutralised the enemy command vehicle and its personnel with a high-precision strike. Observers of the exercise were impressed by the performance of Kargu.

TOGAN’s Surveillance Over Minefield

Developed for reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence missions, TOGAN was used to locate enemy engineering squads in a scenario created for the exercise. Capable of carrying out missions with a duration of up to 45 minutes at a range of 10 kilometres, TOGAN carried out reconnaissance over a minefield and detected obstacles during the exercise.

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