Multi-Rotor UAS for Tactical Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Capabilities | Competencies

  • Reliable Day and Night Operation
  • Real-Time Mobile or Static TargetRecognition and Tracking
  • Fully Autonomous Operation Capability
  • Ability to perform autonomous change of duty among two or more active platforms
  • High Performance, customized flight control and mission planning software
  • Deployable and Operable by Single Personnel
  • 3 Axis, stabilized 30x Electro-Optical Imaging Pod
  • 3 Axis Stabilised IR POD for night missions
  • Integrated 3 Axis EO and IR POD (Optional)

Technical Features

Range  5/10 km
Endurance < 45 minutes
Payload 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal
Engine Electrical
Launch/ Take Off Vertical Take Off / Landing (VTOL)


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