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We Attended at the Docking Ceremony of Piri Reis the First Submarine to be Built under the New-Type Submarine Project

23.12 2019

Yeni Tip Denizalti Projesi Haber

We attended to the docking ceremony of Piri Reis, the first submarine built under the New-Type Submarine Project, in which we are proud to be playing a part, on 22 December, 2019 at the Gölcük Shipyard Command. The attendees also witnessed the first weld of Seydialireis, the 5th submarine in the project. We are honoured to witness such an important stage of the project, in which we are responsible for the production of the non-resistant steel submarine parts and FRP parts; as well as various systems, such as the liquid oxygen tank, the propeller shaft, hydraulic cylinders, etc., as well as for the development of shipyard infrastructure, engineering support and the execution of ILS activities, with our staff of experienced submarine design engineers.

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